Note from Dr. Miller:

Jan 2020.

5 years ago I decided to open my own clinic. I don't advertise. I don't go around and buy lunches for other doctor's offices to sell my practice. I don't sell supplements. I have, and always will, built my practice, one patient at a time. This practice built itself, out of overwhelming patient need. For the past 5 years patients have found me sometimes by their doctor, but mostly by word of mouth from a friend or their own diligence searching the internet for help, often after everything else fails. All of them have been seeking a more "natural" approach to their healthcare. 

I still spend the mornings in the rehab hospital, and the afternoons in clinic. I have added an amputee specific clinic, working in cooperation with prosthetists, 2-3 days a month which is changing the way amputees receive care, and drastically shortening the time it takes  between their amputation and getting their prosthetic limb. It is exciting stuff!

Last year, unfortunately, I became more disabled (most people didn't know I even was disabled!) and it has changed my priorities a bit. I have been training a mobility service dog, a Golden Retriever, from puppyhood to help me, "Samwise".  He has a ways to go as it takes a good 2 years to train a service dog, but I will not be relegated to the sidelines of living because of disability! I am a rehab doctor after all! By the way, if you see us out there in the world, at the store or at the park, we are ALWAYS training because everything is learning, so please don't be offended, I won't stop to chat  because I absolutely must focus on him. 

And now, for the most exciting part! I have a lot of patients who drive  quite a distance to come see me. And a lot of potential patients who want to see me but just can't get to Oro Valley. Turns out, I love to take to the open road and I decided I don't get out and away much, so.....

I am working on feasibility of a mobile clinic! This would be me, and Samwise of course, driving to some of the small towns around Tucson in a small travel trailer outfitted with living quarters (for me) and a treatment table for consultations, OMT and acupuncture (for you)!  Essentially, this would be analogous to seeing patients out of my home, but it is an RV trailer that rolls into town from time to time! I might even be persuaded to give a lecture or series of lectures. See below for some examples of topics. 

Dr. Miller

If you would like me to consider coming to your town, let me know! 520-260-7554, when you call you will get instructions for email which is the best way, always, to reach me. Because, as you know, I spend my day seeing patients, not sitting not the phone. 

Here's the FAQs:

1. This is not a free clinic. I am one person, not part of any corporate entity or government agency and have no outside funding sources, no grants, etc.

1b. I am a specialist, not a primary care doctor.  I do not write for narcotics out of any of my offices. 

2. I do take many insurances, including Medicare and Tricare!  Just like my regular office, there is no staff and it is up to you to check with your insurance whether my visit is covered and what your cost, copay and deductibles are. This is determined by your insurance company not me. If you have no insurance, I charge the Medicare allowable rate which varies based on complexity of your history and number of body parts treated with OMT. I take most commercial insurances like United, BCBS (but not BCBS Advantage), Cigna, GEHA and others. Check with your individual plan.

Acupuncture is not covered by insurance, but since I am a doctor, your insurance will cover the office visit/initial consultation portion of our visit. Not all acupuncture treatments require an office visit charge after the initial visit, it depends on the complexity of your case and what we talk about. 

3. I need a safe, acceptable place to easily park and maneuver my rig in your area, preferably with electric service, because Arizona is hot. And cold.  So we need AC and heat to do this! I have some ability to be off grid.  I also need an acceptable place to park overnight and for down time that is quiet and free of noise and light pollution. I like to relax in nature as much a possible, so think State Parks and such.  I enjoy fly fishing. If you have fish I am that much more likely to want to come to your location!

4. Unfortunately,  my travel trailer clinic will not be big and fancy enough to have all the amenities as a brick and mortar building so you have to be able to safely walk up into the travel trailer with it's small door and small steps by yourself.  If weather permits, maybe we could do something sitting in a chair outside. Or, come see me in my regular office with a  ramp, regular width doorway, etc.. 

5. I do not do home visits. I have a service dog, so it just doesn't work. Also driving a big rig hours there and back to see one person is not financially feasible. 

6. If you are allergic to dogs, I am so sorry. My service dog is with me at all times.

7. I know it takes a while to get any new thing up and going. Talk to the people in your area, if there's enough interest, I have something to work with. 

8. As of this writing, I have not purchased my rig yet, so there is no photo.  Picture in your mind a pickup truck towing an Airstream. 

9. There is no waiting room. So your car is the waiting room. 

10. THERE IS NO RESTROOM!!!!!!  Make sure the location chosen has some kind of nearby available public restroom facilities.  


I might be persuaded to give a lecture or a series of lectures. As part of my association with the Wilderness Medical Society, I also have a few lectures relevant to our outdoor enthusiast lifestyle here in Southern Arizona, if you go outside, these lectures are for you!


  • What I do. OMT/Acupuncture/Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • What I think about: how to eat,  exercise, take supplements, alternative medicine, conventional medicine, etc. 
  • Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation/EMF/Electromagnetic hypersensitivity/Cellphone/Wifi exposure

  • “Chill Out on a Hot Day”: Exertional Heat Illness in the Wilderness
  • Cold Injury: When It's Not Cool To Be Cool
  • Laceration, Burn, and Blister Care in the Wilderness
  • Outdoor Injuries : Musculoskeletal
  • Shocking Reality of Lightning Injuries
  • Wild Animal Attacks
  • Water Purification: Avoiding Intestinal Hitchhikers
  • Children and the Outdoors
  • Others 

 If you would like us to consider coming to your town, let me know! 520-260-7554.