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Acupuncture - Tucson

A D.O. Physiatrist is a back pain specialist!  

Osteopathic Manual Medicine (OMM) or ​​​Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) involves a physician using their hands to diagnose, treat and prevent injury and illness. OMT can be used alone or side by side with medication, therapy and surgery, depending on the circumstances.

Patients may use less medication and therapy or even no medication, therapy or surgery when they receive OMT.  

Many patients seek Dr. Miller's care and even drive long distances for Osteopathic Manual Medicine  in Tucson because they want care for the whole person, and to avoid medication and surgery whenever possible. 


Osteopathic Manual Medicine - Tucson

Acupuncture. By your doctor. Available Now!

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - Tucson

Physiatrists treat the whole person and consider their family and environment in leading teams of medical professionals to restore function lost through injury, illness or disabling conditions.  Physiatrists are trained in the diagnosis of peripheral nerve disease by performing EMG/NCS studies.  

As a Physiatrist in the hospital, Dr. Miller sees patients and manages their acute rehabilitation from debilitating illnesses and injuries.  

In clinic, she continues to manage the functional needs of all patients recovering from acute and chronic illness and injury and brings the Physiatrist's unique perspective to patient care.  

With the limitations of solo private practice, she does not provide chronic narcotic management services and urine drug testing. 


A Word About

Your Primary Care Physician  And Your "Medical Home"

You may have complex medical problems that require additional testing, referrals and management that are beyond the scope of practice of this office. All of us have regular health maintenance needs, for which we need our primary care provider. 

Your Osteopathic Physiatrist, along with care from your other specialists and your primary care provider provides the most comprehensive care possible. 

All patients are required to have a primary care provider as a "medical home" for management of medical problems. This practice is limited to providing specialty Osteopathic Manual Manipulation and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation services.